Ventura Investment Co. enjoys a long and successful history of development and acquisition of income properties. The firm actively seeks investments in the southwest U.S. with potential to add value through enhanced management, technology and physical improvements. Equity partners include experienced, private real estate investors. 2023 investments and sales include multifamily communities and industrial properties in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties in California, and Clark County, Nevada.


Ventura Investment Co. has developed properties and communities throughout central and southern California for over 60 years, including self-storage, multifamily and residential developments. The firm actively seeks new investments and joint venture opportunities.

Building Services

Ventura Investment Co. is a California licensed general building contractor (B729698) and employs a large team of skilled construction managers and technicians who perform services from routine maintenance to comprehensive renovation and construction.

Commercial and Multifamily Management

Ventura Investment Co. manages all its investments with a professional and experienced team of Asset Managers, Site Managers Accounting Professionals and Construction/Maintenance Techs. The firm’s management practices and philosophy have evolved over sixty-plus years and are in a constant state of analysis, refinement and investment in technology.

The unique perspective of a developer, owner and operator of multifamily and commercial properties significantly befits Ventura Investment Co.’s investment properties. The company employs experienced professionals who are trained to understand both the importance of daily details and the long-range vision of an owner and developer.